Adjustable tables & standing/seating workstations

Adjustable tables & standing/seating workstations

Standing/seating workstation
QuickStand ECO

  • Can be installed directly on a desk
  • Easy to raise and lower
  • Options for laptop, one monitor or two monitors
  • One-monitor option priced at $585


Adjustable tables

During the work day, changing position to perform some tasks standing and other seating helps to relieve muscular tensions, prevent back pains, and stimulate blood circulation—all of which greatly increase comfort and efficiency at work. Some workstations are also shared by several employees who require frequent adjustments to suit their specific needs. In addition, industrial environments often involve processes that call for tasks to be accomplished at variable heights.

  • Silent electric motor with raise/lower controls
  • Height digital display
  • Memory for 4 preselected heights
  • Adjustable height from 25" (62cm) to 48"(120cm), from ground
  • Base with grey or black finish
  • Several sizes available for work surface
  • 27 different work surface colour choices
  • 24" x 48" (60cm x 120cm) work surface priced at $981